Starting OVOS - modules

OVOS in its simplest form is just a python module, and can be invoked as one. In fact, the systemd service method of starting OVOS uses a glorified version of this.


ovos-core is the brains of the device. Without it, you would have some cool software that does not work together. It controls the skills service and directs intents to the right skill.

Invoking the skills module

Open a command shell and type the following


You will see a bunch of lines from the logs, and at the end, it will say WARNING - Message Bus Client will reconnect in 5.0 seconds. This is because we have not started the messagebus service and that is the nervous system. You cannot communicate to the other parts without it.


ovos-messagebus is the nervous system of OVOS. This is what makes everything work together.

NOTE The messagebus is an unsecured bus to your system and should NOT be exposed to the outside world.

firewall your messagebus WIP

Invoking the messagebus

With ovos-core running in one terminal shell, open another and type the command


Once again, a whole bunch of log lines will scroll by, and at the end, it will say INFO - Message bus service started!

If you look back at the terminal with ovos-core, you will notice that there are new logs that ovos-core has connected to the messagebus.