Starting OVOS

Being a modular system has the advantage of being able to start with several different methods.

If you installed an image, your device is already pre-configured to start all of the services automatically.

As of July 2023, both the Buildroot image, and the Rasbpian image, use systemd service files to start, restart, and stop each OVOS module.

Typical command to restart the OVOS stack

systemctl --user restart ovos.service

ovos.service is a special systemd service file that instructs the rest of the stack to follow what it is doing. If you stop ovos.service all of the services will stop. Same with start and restart. This makes it handy to restart the complete stack in one command after changes have been made.

The rest of this section will describe this method, and others in detail.

Starting as stand alone modules

Starting with systemd service files

Starting Docker