How do I - TTS

TTS plugins are responsible for converting text into audio for playback. Several options are available each with different attributes and supported languages. Some can be run on device, others need an internet connection to work.

As with most OVOS packages, the TTS plugins are available on PyPi and can be installed with pip install

pip install ovos-tts-plugin-piper

will install the latest stable version. If there are installation errors, you can install the latest alpha versions of the plugins.

pip install --pre ovos-tts-plugin-piper

By default, OVOS uses ovos-tts-server-plugin and a series of public TTS servers, provided by OVOS community members, to send speech to your device. If you host your own TTS server, or this option is not acceptable to you, there are many other options to use.

List of TTS plugins

Plugin Offline Type
ovos-tts-server-plugin no API (self hosted)
ovos-tts-plugin-mimic3 yes FOSS
ovos-tts-plugin-mimic yes FOSS
ovos-tts-plugin-mimic2 no API (free)
ovos-tts-plugin-marytts no API (self hosted)
neon-tts-plugin-larynx_server no API (self hosted)
ovos-tts-plugin-pico yes FOSS
neon-tts-plugin-glados yes FOSS
neon-tts-plugin-mozilla_local yes FOSS
neon-tts-plugin-polly no API (key)
ovos-tts-plugin-voicerss no API (key)
ovos-tts-plugin-google-TX no API (free)
ovos-tts-plugin-responsivevoice no API (free)
neon-tts-plugin-mozilla_remote no API (self hosted)
neon-tts-plugin-tacotron2 yes FOSS
ovos-tts-plugin-espeakNG yes FOSS
ovos-tts-plugin-cotovia yes FOSS
ovos-tts-plugin-catotron no API (self hosted)
ovos-tts-plugin-softcatala no API (self hosted)
ovos-tts-plugin-SAM yes Abandonware
ovos-tts-plugin-beepspeak yes Fun

Advanced Usage