How do I - STT

STT (Speech to Text) is what converts your voice into commands that OVOS recognizes, then converts to an intent that is used to activate skills.

There are several STT engines available and OVOS uses ovos-stt-plugin-server and a list of public servers hosted by OVOS community members by default.

List of STT plugins

Plugin Offline Type
ovos-stt-plugin-vosk yes FOSS
ovos-stt-plugin-chromium no API (free)
neon-stt-plugin-google_cloud_streaming no API (key)
neon-stt-plugin-scribosermo yes FOSS
neon-stt-plugin-silero yes FOSS
neon-stt-plugin-polyglot yes FOSS
neon-stt-plugin-deepspeech_stream_local yes FOSS
ovos-stt-plugin-selene no API (free)
ovos-stt-plugin-http-server no API (self hosted)
ovos-stt-plugin-pocketsphinx yes FOSS

Advanced Usage