Configuration - Manually Change Files

User configuration should be set in the XDG_CONFIG_HOME file. Usually located at ~/.config/mycroft/mycroft.conf. This file may or may not exist by default. If it does NOT exist, create it.

mkdir -p ~/.config/mycroft

touch ~/.config/mycroft/mycroft.conf

Now you can edit that file. To continue with the previous example, we will change the host of the TTS server, then add the value manually to the user's mycroft.conf file.

Open the file for editing. It is not uncommon for this file to exist, but be empty.

nano ~/.config/mycroft/mycroft.conf

Enter the following into the file. NOTE this file must be valid json or yaml format. OVOS knows how to read both

  "tts": {
    "module": "ovos-tts-plugin-server",
    "ovos-tts-plugin-server": {
      "host": ""

You can check the formatting of your file with the jq command.

cat ~/.config/mycroft/mycroft.conf | jq If your distribution does not include jq it can be installed with the command sudo apt install jq or the equivalent for your distro.

If there are no errors, it will output the complete file. On error, it will output the line where the error is. You can use an online JSON checker if you want also.

online json checker online yaml checker